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We Kentuckians are proud of our craft heritage and reputation for excellence. The quality of Kentucky art & crafts is recognized worldwide. Kentucky art & crafts are as diverse as the imaginations of the people who make them. In the year 2000, the national craft industry generated over $14 billion in sales, the figure is much higher today. Kentucky is ranked near the top nationally in incomes derived through crafts. When you see the quality of the work you'll know why Kentucky crafts are world renowned. Kentucky art & crafts can be found in fine shops worldwide. We are pleased to make them available for you on the Kentucky Crafts Network web site.
Art From Kentucky Artists
Paul Francis Burns
Art by Paul Francis Burns
Paul Francis Burns was born, July 24, 1958 in Louisville, Kentucky. He was educated in Lexington, Kentucky at Christ the King grade school and Lexington Catholic High School. Paul has studied art since 1972 and works in Oils, Pastel, and Watercolor. He has become an accomplished Portrait and Landscape Artist. Primarily self taught, Paul plans to continually practice and devote his Artistic career to develop a mixed style, which includes his favorite painters techniques, Paul Sawyier, Frank W. Benson, William Merritt Chase and Winslow Homer. Paul and his wife Tammy reside in Lexington, Kentucky.  
Kentucky Artwork
Bears by Leslie Hope Galloway
My Prints Charming by LHG
Quality art prints by self-published Kentucky artist, Leslie Hope Galloway.
Leslie's style of painting is often referred to as folk art. She began painting in high school and graduated from Centre College with a degree in Art History in 1993. Whatever style one might consider Leslie's work, she considers it simply her own self-taught style.
Kentucky Artwork
Hope is a Fragile Flower, Remembering 9/11
"When life is difficult, hold onto truth and lean into beauty," is a favorite quote of Kentucky artist, Carol J. Phipps.  In addition to clay sculptures, Phipps has been prolific creating art work with colors torn and cut from magazine paper as represented here in "Hope is a Fragile Flower, Remembering 9/11."  (Note the original poem below which was written for this work.)  Often Phipps' technique for doing collage has been referred to as "painting with paper;" randomly chosen torn pieces of color are like "scrapes of wonder," Phipps says.  Together, such tears tell a human story.  To view Phipps' on-line gallery click on artwork at left. Reproductions and originals available at reasonable prices. (Brochure available).  Mailing address: Carol J. Phipps, P.O. Box 8215, Louisville, Kentucky 40257. 
Kentucky Artwork
My work is like my purse; full of life support devices that I can't quite put my finger on. Each piece of art I do is a small drama; a narrative. The pictures are full of people and animals. Sometimes the characters are people I know and sometimes I make them up. My medium is linoleum, simple and direct. I print with black ink or crisp white Masa paper. The prints range in size from 6" x 9" to 24" x 36". The prices range from $20. to $300. The editions are limited to 50 because I print by hand on my own press.
Kentucky Artwork
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